Skype Emoticons Full List

Skype Emoticons Emoticons for Skype V 5.5 and above

Icon Name Shortcodes Icon Name Shortcodes Icon Name Shortcodes
skype  Emoticon  Smile Smile skype  Emoticon  Sad Sad skype  Emoticon  Big Smile Big Smile
skype  Emoticon  Cool Cool skype  Emoticon  Surprised Surprised skype  Emoticon Wink Wink
skype  Emoticon  Crying Crying skype  Emoticon  sweating Sweating skype  Emoticon Speechless Speechless
skype  Emoticon  Kiss Kiss skype  Emoticon  Cheeky Cheeky skype  Emoticon Blushing Blushing
skype  Emoticon  Wondering Wondering skype  Emoticon  Sleepy Sleepy skype  Emoticon Dull Dull
skype  Emoticon  In love In love skype  Emoticon  Evil grin Evil grin skype  Emoticon Fingers crossed Fingers crossed
skype  Emoticon  Yawn Yawn skype  Emoticon puke Puking skype  Emoticon Doh Doh
skype  Emoticon  Angry Angry skype  Emoticon It wasn't me! It wasn’t me! skype  Emoticon Party Party
skype  Emoticon  Worried Worried skype  Emoticon mmm mmmmm skype  Emoticon nerdy Nerdy
skype  Emoticon  My lips are sealed My lips are sealed skype  Emoticon Hi Hi skype  Emoticon facepalm Facepalm
skype  Emoticon  Devil devil skype  Emoticon Angel Angel skype  Emoticon envy Envy
skype  Emoticon  Wait Wait skype  Emoticon Hug Hug skype  Emoticon MaKe Up Make Up
skype  Emoticon  Giggle Giggle skype  Emoticon Clapping Clapping skype  Emoticon Thinking Thinking
skype  Emoticon  Bowing Bowing skype  Emoticon Rofl Rofl skype  Emoticon Relieved Relieved
skype  Emoticon  Happy Happy skype  Emoticon Smirking Smirking skype  Emoticon Nodding Nodding
skype  Emoticon  Shake Shake skype  Emoticon Waiting Waiting skype  Emoticon Emo Emo
skype  Emoticon  Yes Yes skype  Emoticon No No skype  Emoticon Handshake Handshake
skype  Emoticon  highfive High five skype  Emoticon Heart Heart skype  Emoticon Lalala Lalala
skype  Emoticon  heidy Heidy skype  Emoticon Flower Flower skype  Emoticon Raining Raining
skype  Emoticon  Sun Sun skype  Emoticon tumbleweed Tumbleweed skype  Emoticon Music Music
skype  Emoticon  Bandit Bandit skype  Emoticon Too much info Too much info skype  Emoticon Coffee Coffee
skype  Emoticon  Pizza Pizza skype  Emoticon cash Cash skype  Emoticon Muscle Muscle
skype  Emoticon  Cake Cake skype  Emoticon Beer Beer skype  Emoticon Drink Drink
skype  Emoticon  Dancing Dancing skype  Emoticon ninja Ninja skype  Emoticon Star Star
skype  Emoticon Toivo Toivo skype  Emoticon idea Idea skype  Emoticon  cat Cat
skype  Emoticon dog Dog skype  Emoticon Sheep Sheep skype  Emoticon  bike Bike

Hidden Skype Emoticons v.5.8

Icon Name Shortcodes Icon Name Shortcodes
Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5  legs


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Heart

Brocken Heart

Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Bug


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Drunk


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 wfh

work from home

Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 skype


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 finger


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 poolparty


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 headbang


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 mooning


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 What the f@ck

What the f#ck

Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 finger


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Mail


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 time


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Movie


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Call me

Call me

Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Punch


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Toivo


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Smoking


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Zilmer


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Rock


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Swear


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Fubar


Hidden Emoticon Skype 5.5 Talk


Cheer up! There are countless emoticons that you will rejoice you, like an romantic ones, or frowning ones, even drunken one or happy and fun emoticons for all your needs and your taste.

The majority of people who use instant messaging prefer to express emotion through emoticons instead of writing long sentences to show how they feel when they respond. Do you love using smilies in Skype, but feel you could use more? If you want express an emotion, you will be delighted to know that in addition to the classic Skype emoticons, they also offer a wide range of additional emoticons for you to express how you feel.

In practice there are only 72 Skype emoticons, but they don’t stop there. Skype has emoticons to show the middle finger, squirrel grip on the thumb, scatterbrain, slamming your head into a wall and much more. Here you will find the latest emoticons, both classic and hidden.

Skype Emoticons Skype Emoticons v. 3.0

Icon Shortcodes Name Icon Shortcodes Name Icon Shortcodes Name
Emoticon Smile
Emoticon Sad Smile Sad Smile Emoticon Big Smile Big Smile
Emoticon Cool Cool Emoticon Crying Crying Emoticon Sweating Sweating
Emoticon Speechless Speechless Emoticon Kiss Kiss Emoticon Tongue Out Tongue Out
Emoticon Blush Blush Emoticon Wondering Wondering Emoticon Sleepy Sleepy
Emoticon Dull Dull Emoticon In love In love Emoticon Evil grin Evil grin
Emoticon Talking Talking Emoticon Yawn Yawn Emoticon Puke Puke
Emoticon Doh! Doh! Emoticon Angry! Angry Emoticon It wasn't me! It wasn't me
Emoticon Party!!! Party!!! Emoticon Worried Worried Emoticon Mmm... Mmm...
Emoticon Nerd Nerd Emoticon Hi Hi Emoticon Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
Emoticon Call Call Emoticon Devil Devil Emoticon Angel Angel
Emoticon Envy Envy Emoticon Wait Wait Emoticon Bear Bear
Emoticon Make-up Make-up Emoticon Covered Laugh Covered Laugh Emoticon Clapping Hands Clapping Hands
Emoticon Thinking Thinking Emoticon Bow Bow Emoticon Rolling on the floor laughing Rolling on the floor laughing
Emoticon Bow Whew Emoticon Happy Happy Emoticon Smirking Smirking
Emoticon Nodding Nodding Emoticon Shaking Shaking Emoticon Punch Punch
Emoticon Emo Emo Emoticon Yes Yes Emoticon No No
Emoticon Skype Skype Emoticon Shaking Hands Shaking Hands Emoticon Heart Heart
Emoticon Broken heart Broken heart Emoticon Mail Mail Emoticon Flower Flower
Emoticon Rain Rain Emoticon Sun Sun Emoticon Time Time
Emoticon Music Music Emoticon Movie Movie Emoticon Phone Phone
Emoticon Coffee Coffee Emoticon Pizza Pizza Emoticon Cash Cash
Emoticon Muscle Muscle Emoticon Cake Cake Emoticon Beer Beer
Emoticon Drink Drink Emoticon Ninja Ninja Emoticon Dance Dance
Emoticon Star Star

Hidden Skype Emoticons for Mac

Bonus Skype emoticon set for Mac skype users

Icon Shortcodes Name Icon Shortcodes Name
Mac skype Emoticon Asshat Asshat Mac skype  Emoticon Working poop Poop
Mac skype Emoticon fffuuu Fffuuu Mac skype  Emoticon pomodoro Pomodoro
Mac skype Emoticon tumbleweed tumbleweed Mac skype  Emoticon kitten Kitten
Mac skype Emoticon hungry Hungry Mac skype  Emoticon cthulhu Cthulhu
Mac skype Emoticon Cookie Monster Cookie Mac skype  Emoticon slash Slash
Mac skype Emoticon Cookie hammer Hammertime Mac skype  Emoticon goatse Goatse
Mac skype Emoticon Cookie oscar Oscar Mac skype  Emoticon trogdor Trogdor

view Mac skype emote

skype emoticons

Emotions for Skype are nice and funny. Perhaps you use them every day. Skype does not offer a small number of standard emoticons and smileys that make our communication much more funny. Besides standard emoticons, there are secret emoticons.

Do you like the lovely emoticons in Skype? They are a good way to express emotion, but you will be pleasantly surprised if I tell you that apart from the standard emoticons, there are extra emoticons in Skype.


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