Skype Emoticons Full List

Emoticons for Skype V 5.5 and above

Smile :) Sad :( Big Smile :d
Cool (cool) Surprised :O Wink ;)
Crying ;( Sweating (:| Speechless :|
Kiss :* Cheeky :P Blushing :$
Wondering :^) Sleepy |-) Dull |-(
In love (inlove) Evil grin ]:) Fingers crossed (yn)
Yawn (yawn) Puking (puke) Doh (doh)
Angry (angry) It wasn’t me! (wasntme) Party (party)
Worried (worry) mmmmm (mm) Nerdy (nerd)
My lips are sealed (:x) Hi (wave) Facepalm (facepalm)
devil (devil) Angel (angel) Envy (envy)
Wait (wait) Hug (Hug) Make Up (makeup)
Giggle (chuckle) Clapping (clap) Thinking (think)
Bowing (bow) Rofl (rofl) Relieved (whew)
Happy (happy) Smirking (smirk) Nodding (nod)
Shake (shake) Waiting (waiting) Emo (emo)
Yes (y) No (n) Handshake (handshake)
High five (highfive) Heart (h) Lalala (lalala)
Heidy (heidy) Flower (f) Raining (rain)
Sun (sun) Tumbleweed (tumbleweed) Music (music)
Bandit (bandit) Too much info (tmi) Coffee (coffee)
Pizza (pi) Cash (cash) Muscle (flex)
Cake (^) Beer (beer) Drink (d)
Dancing (dance) Ninja (ninja) Star (*)

Skype Emoticons v. 3.0

:-)or :) or :=)
:( or :=( or :-( Sad Smile
:d or :-d Big Smile 8)or 8=)or 8-)or B) Cool
;( or ;-( or ;=( Crying (sweat) or (:| Sweating
:| :=| :-| Speechless :* or :=* or :-* Kiss
:p or :=p or :-p Tongue Out (blush) or :$ Blush
:^) Wondering I=) or (snooze) Sleepy
|( or |-( or |=( Dull (inlove) In love
]:)or>:)or(grin) Evil grin (talk) Talking
(yawn) or |-() Yawn (puke) or :& Puke
(doh) Doh! x( or x-( or x=( Angry
(wasntme) It wasn't me (party) Party!!!
:s or :-s or :=s Worried (mm) Mmm...
B-| or 8| or B| Nerd (hi) Hi
:=x or :=X or :=# or :x or :-x Lips Sealed (call) Call
(devil) Devil (angel) Angel
(envy) Envy (wait) Wait
(bear) or (hug) Bear (makeup) or (kate) Make-up
(giggle) or (chuckle) Covered Laugh (clap) Clapping Hands
(think) or :? or :-? or :=? Thinking (bow) Bow
(rofl) Rolling on the floor laughing (whew) Whew
(happy) Happy (smirk) Smirking
(nod) Nodding (shake) Shaking
(punch) Punch (emo) Emo
(y) or (Y) or (ok) Yes (n) or (N) No
(skype) or (ss) Skype (skype) or (ss) Shaking Hands
(h) or (H) or (l) or (L) Heart (u) or (U) Broken heart
(e) or (m) Mail (f) or (F) Flower
(rain) or (london) or (st) Rain (sun) Sun
(o) or (O) or (time) Time (music) Music
(~) or (film) or (movie) Movie (mp) or (ph) Phone
(coffee) Coffee (pizza) or (pi) Pizza
(cash) or (mo) or ($) Cash (muscle) or (flex) Muscle
(^) or (cake) Cake (beer) Beer
(d) or (D) Drink (ninja) Ninja
(dance) or \o/ or \:D/ or \:d/ Dance (*) Star

Hidden Skype Emoticons for Mac

Bonus Skype emoticon set for Mac skype users

(asshat),(shithead),(poohair) Asshat (shit) (turd) (merda) (poop) (poo) Poop
(fuu)(fffuuu) (fu) Fffuuu (pomodoro) (pom) Pomodoro
(tw) tumbleweed (kitten) (meow) (miau) (ft) Kitten
(hungry) (anita) (hippo) Hungry (cthulhu) Cthulhu
(cookie) (cookiemonster) (andrew) Cookie (slash) (/a) (andreas) Slash
(stop) (hammertime) (lightfoot) Hammertime (goatse) ({=o=}) Goatse
(oscar) (mike) Oscar (trogdor) Trogdor

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skype emoticons

Emotions for Skype are nice and funny. Perhaps you use them every day. Skype does not offer a small number of standard emoticons and smileys that make our communication much more funny. Besides standard emoticons, there are secret emoticons.

Do you like the lovely emoticons in Skype? They are a good way to express emotion, but you will be pleasantly surprised if I tell you that apart from the standard emoticons, there are extra emoticons in Skype.

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